Sylva Wood Centre

encouraging the use of home-grown wood by supporting skills, enterprise and innovation

The Sylva Wood Centre in south Oxfordshire is the home of the Sylva Foundation. Our main focus at the Sylva Wood Centre is to encourage the use of home-grown wood by supporting skills, enterprise and innovation. We achieve this through a number of ways:

Business Hub

We provide a hub for small businesses and craftspeople who design, innovate or make in wood. Businesses range from furniture making and outdoor structures, to boatbuilding and upholstery. There is also a small-scale timber yard on the site.

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Business Incubation

We provide facilities to support business incubation, including start-up units, shared workspaces, and hot-benching facilities.

For further information about terms and availability please contact Joseph Bray.

Sylva Wood School

Our dedicated teaching facilities support life-long learning in woodworking and related crafts. We offer a wide range of courses throughout the year, suitable for all abilities.

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Surrounding the buildings at the Sylva Wood Centre we've planted a community orchard, complete with an apiary. Nearby is our demonstration Future Forest with tree species we hope will thrive despite climate change and increasing tree health issues. We have a new dedicated forest education area with space for local schoolchildren to learn about and enjoy woodland. At the centre of the forest is the reconstructed Anglo-Saxon House of Wessex. A network of permitted paths allows local people to enjoy walking round the site.

Business Community

Find a Business

You can view a list of businesses based at the Wood Centre below. If you would like help finding a particular service (e.g. kitchen cabinets or boat repairs) you can use our simple Find a Business filter. Please note that the charity does not offer an answering service for any of these businesses and you will need to contact them directly using the details provided on their own websites.

Business Description Website
Anthony Dain Anthony Dain. Bespoke furniture and cabinet makers.
AWR Woodwork Alec Roberts. Carpentry, joinery and furniture maker.
Classic Watercraft Gareth Lewis. Custom boat building and restoration.
Colin Henwood Colin Henwood. Builder of wooden boats: restoration and rebuilds.
Colin Stokes Bespoke furniture and built-in cabinetry.
Face North Forestry Nick Keighley. Professional forestry contractor offering low impact management of the rural environment, plus mobile sawmill and firewood processing.
Illingworth Designs Richard Illingworth. Furniture maker.
Julian Angus Julian Angus. Carpentry and fitted joinery. Education workshops for young people.
Leatham Creative Woodwork David Leatham. Furniture, Woodwork, Art and Design.
Mary's Chairs Mary Blaxland. Furniture restoration and upholstery, also offering tuition and creative workshops.
Morgan Charles Morgan Charles, Bespoke furniture maker
Neil Scott Furniture Neil Scott. Bespoke furniture maker.
Oxford Oak Rodas Irving. Outdoor furniture and pergolas using home-grown oak.
Pegg Furniture Michael Buick. Furniture designer and manufacturer.
Stephen Hickman - Studio Cabinetmaker Stephen Hickman, Bespoke and small-batch handcrafted furniture.
The Microfactory Daniel Bruce. Design, manufacture, management and maintenance consultancy.

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Business Incubation

We offer dedicated incubation facilities at the Sylva Wood Centre which suit business start-up and serious hobbyists. We operate a 'hot-benching' scheme available offering weekly rental in a communal space, with access to a well-equipped machinery workshop.

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Business Units

We offer rental units of varying sizes for established wood-related businesses.

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