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Take One Tree - Art Week

This resource was inspired by Sylva's OneOak Project. A Norway Maple tree on our school grounds was felled in 2015. We took the opportunity to study the tree, learn about it, watch its felling and use its wood. The tree and its wood provided the inspiration for our annual whole school arts week activities and exhibition.

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Activities exploring deforestation

This IWB file and four activities are designed to allow children to explore for themselves, rather than being told from the front, the different causes of deforestation in the example of the Amazon. They involve quite a bit of data handling as well as some descriptive writing and pattern spotting and ICT. They are great for creating a carousel and setting your students the challenge of working like geographers would, with lots of different data and information drawn together. They would work with children from y4 to y9 depending on the amount of support given and can be adapted as you wish for other purposes.

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Forest Topic Overview Map

This document is a topic map and provides room for creativity and child-led exploration. The topic map starts with a Big Question: Are forests worth more dead or alive? From this, the topic map shows the learning objectives, values and life-long learning skills that can be learned through exploring the question.

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OneOak Project Photo Sort

The OneOak Project followed the life story an oak tree. The project was Sylva's first education activity from 2009 - 2013 and aimed to educate people young and old about growing trees, using their wood and replanting sustainably. This photo sort activity summarises the stages of the OneOak project with 31 beautiful and engaging photos that can be printed off and laminated. The activity is to organise the photos in the correct order in which the project happened. This can be done indoors or desks or the floor, or Jen at the Sylva Foundation likes to do this activity outside by putting up a rope between two trees. Jen then gives everyone some of the photos and clothes pegs and they 'peg' the photos up in the tight order! Once the photos are in the right order the text cards can be given out so that people read a description of each photo. This activity not only teaches people about the OneOak project in a fun and engaging way, but the photos also generate a lot of discussion about our trees, forestry, using wood and much more! The photos can also be used individually to inspire literacy, art, science and geography. We would like to know how you use these resources - get in touch with Sylva or share your resource on the TIMBER! website. Find out more about the OneOak project on https://sylva.org.uk/oneoak/

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OneOak Wood Products

These fact sheets contain information and photographs of nine of the fifty wood products made from the OneOak tree.

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Animating Forestry

A short animated film demonstrating the link between tree planting and the wood products we may take for granted in our lives. Follow us on Twitter @forestsandwood

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Seed to Saw at Combe Mill

This simple flow diagram shows the stages from growing trees to milling them at Combe Mill and then how the wood was used at Blenheim Palace in the past. This resource was produced as part of Combe Mill\'s education programme. Combe Mill is in West Oxfordshire, OX29 8ET.

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Spruce and Oak Ecosystems

This file includes two A3 placemat style pages, one for Spruce and one for Oak, with animals, insects, fungi etc. that make the trees their habitat.

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Tree Identification Key

A simple, easy-to-use tree identification key produced by the Sylva Foundation. This key is designed for use by adults (including educators) alone or with older children and young people.

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Ash Pest and Disease Factsheet

A guide to common pests and diseases on ash, designed for educators and older children. Designed by the Sylva Foundation in collaboration with the Forestry Commission Plant Health Forestry Team.

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Oak Pest and Disease Factsheet

A guide to common pests and diseases on oaks, with management and reporting advice. Designed for educators and older children, by the Sylva Foundation in collaboration with the Forestry Commission Plant Health Forestry Team.

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Horse Chestnut Pest + Disease Factsheet

A guide to common pests and diseases on Horse Chestnut trees in the UK, designed for educators and older children to use, with management and reporting advice. Developed by the Sylva Foundation in collaboration with the Forestry Commission Plant Health Forestry Team.

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Ecological Impact Assessment Guide

A guide to positive and negative ecological impacts that your outdoor education activities may have on the ecology of your site. Useful for Forest School leaders, teachers and outdoor educators who are completing ecological impact assessments. Can be used to complete the woodland management planning section of myForest for Education.

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Leaf Insect Herbivore ID Guide

Leaf insect herbivores are a biodiverse group of insects that have many important ecological functions. In this guide, developed by the Sylva Foundation, learn to identify common leaf insect herbivores based on damage symptoms on leaves, and read suggested bug-friendly activities to carry out with children! Designed for teachers, Forest School leaders and other outdoor educators.

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Fieldwork in the Forest

A set of free teaching resources produced by Sylva Foundation and partners for use by secondary school geography teachers and pupils.

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