TIMBER! is an innovative project to provide educators with a free platform to discover and share inspiring resources for all ages on British trees, forests and their value 

A working group to develop some initial resources has involved eight Oxfordshire primary school teachers and six environmental education providers from museums and botanic gardens:

TIMBER! is a product of Sylva's flagship project 'OneOak: following the life story of an Oak tree'. This innovative three year project engaged schools and the general public in the life of a 220 year old Oak tree. Activities and events involved thousands of people in learning about OneOak's ecology, history, beauty and then the felling and subsequent processing of wood so that over 50 products could be made from different parts of the tree.

Many of the resources on the TIMBER! website come from the OneOak project, If you would like to find out more about OneOak please go to the project website.

If you would like to create new resources, ideas or activities from the OneOak website please contact the Sylva education team who can provide information and documents on any part of the OneOak project.

The TIMBER! project has been made possible by funding from the Patsy Wood Trust. This charitable trust was established to support charities which Patsy was involved in or which are close to her heart working in the fields of the environment and conservation, training and education, and music and creative arts.

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