helping people understand why managing woodland matters and how to help

Many people today find it hard to relate to the working countryside, and many children rarely get the chance to play and find wonder in our woods. This lack of empathy can lead not only to poor environmental understanding, but also to a reluctance to think and act positively to support the environment; both now and in the future.

We believe that if people have the opportunity to appreciate trees and forests, to understand how valuable they are to the environment and the economy, and how best to look after them sustainably, we can rebuild that vital creative connection between people and woodland. Through our Education programme, which includes unique online educational resources, educational events and outdoor learning experiences, we set out to help people of all ages understand why managing forests sustainably is the best way to care for them, and the importance of links between trees, wood and wood products.

Our main projects supporting environmental education with young people are myForest for Education and Forest Schools for All.

Other education projects, many involving adults, include:

"We would like to thank Sylva so much for all the work you have done with us ... especially the Timber! and Young Forester / Big Plant work. We feel privileged to work with such knowledgeable and inspirational people and such a purposeful charitable foundation." Fi McGregor, Head Teacher, Stonesfield Primary School

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