British Woodlands Survey

The British Woodlands Survey (BWS) is a series of surveys undertaken to gather evidence about the nations' woodlands and those who care for them. The British Woodlands Survey is co-ordinated by the Sylva Foundation.

"The insight provided by BWS in recent years has helped the Woodland Trust to understand the motivations and needs of woodland owners and managers. This is critical in allowing us to develop our offers of support to prospective and existing woodland owners. It is also vital as evidence for lobbying and advocacy in support of the woodland sector. The more people participate, the stronger the evidence."

Mike Townsend, Principal Advisor, Woodland Trust

About the BWS

The British Woodlands Survey series provides an evidence base on which future polices and practice can be developed to support further sustainable forest management for multiple ecosystem services in Britain. We plan to conduct regular major surveys every four or five years, our first being 2012 (which built on an existing series), interspersed by smaller surveys on particular themes.

If you are interested in commissioning a future survey then we would be pleased to discuss your aims. We are also interested in sharing selected data with researchers with a view to publishing original research.

Previous Surveys

The first British Woodlands Survey was conducted in 2012 and intended as a baseline against which data from future major surveys can be compared. BWS2012 itself built upon an important series of surveys undertaken by the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge since 1963.

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