About Us

nurturing a wood culture, growing a future

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is for a society that cares for nature while living in harmony with it.

We envisage a wood culture where people understand and promote the good stewardship of woodlands and are mindful of their utility, while being conscious of their fragility.

Future society will recognise the creative and productive value of forest products which can be derived from growing well-managed forests, and at the same time enhance their wider benefits for people and for nature. This will help result in a halt in the loss of biodiversity, a reduction in climate change, and a human society that can sustain itself.

Our actions today will be tangible in the love and respect that future generations afford our trees and forests.

Our Mission

  • To use our forestry knowledge and information technology skills, supported by state-of-art evidence, to provide innovative solutions to some of the greatest environmental challenges facing modern society.
  • To work extensively and selflessly with others, recognising that collaboration is necessary to overcome the challenges of halting biodiversity loss and reducing climate change, while supporting the transition to a sustainable human society.
  • To deliver the training and education necessary to support the transformation of society, focussing on the stewardship of our forests and the utility of home-grown timber.
  • To undertake advocacy to inspire one another, raise awareness, and endow people with knowledge, passion, and the shared ambition for a better and more sustainable society.

Annual Reports

Latest Trustees' Report and Annual Accounts

Sylva Foundation Trustees report and accounts 2020-21

Our formal reports from trustees and financial statements are available direct from the Charity Commission (England & Wales) and from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (Scotland).

The Charity

Sylva Foundation is a charitable company registered in England and Wales 1128516 and in Scotland SC041892.

We have four key values linking directly to our Mission:

  • Innovating
  • Collaborating
  • Training and Educating
  • Advocating

For a small charity, we undertake an unusually wide range of activities that help us deliver against these values. Most of our activities include elements of all of these values.

Our charitable objects are to promote the conservation of the environment for the public benefit consistent with sustainable development principles by:

  1. promoting and conducting research for the public benefit about effective sustainable forest management and the dissemination of the useful results of such research;
  2. advancing education for the public benefit in the theory and practice of sustainable forest management;
  3. supporting the development and application of sustainable forest management for the public benefit;
  4. advancing education and business enterprise in the design and production of home-grown wood products for the public benefit.